Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully below Terms and Conditions mentioned points before using any of our services. By using our services you are accepting below terms and conditions.
For all the services we are offering the client is responsible to provide us all the materials that the client want to use in their project including images, logo, content or any other thing. Here the client is responsible for getting copyrights or authorization or permission to use all the materials they want to use in the project, for any case of copyright on client’s projects we can not be held responsible.
We do not take any responsibility for any information that the client has provided to us, therefore we can not be held liable for the authenticity of the information posted on any website/app/project. If we are claimed because of our client’s actions that violate any law then according to this policy the client will pay all the damages which are awarded against us.
We at Dew Technolab believes in providing our clients the best services and utmost satisfaction but for the rare unfortunate situations, we have this Refund policy. We as a company provides development services, not the product. Hence there is no product that can be returned for a refund. Whether our development services are hired on T&M Model (Time & Material) or on Fixed-price, these services are non-refundable.
Dew Technolab takes all projects after complete analysis and reviewing all the details, in order to confirm that the development team has complete understanding of the project needed to be done which eliminates the possibilities of a project cancellation/reversal/dispute.
Still, if the project gets terminated upon the acceptance of both the parties (service provider and client), the client will have control of all the work done till the date of the cancellation of the project, but the money which is paid for the work done is non-refundable. A refund would not be possible for the work already completed at any terms & conditions. In any case of work getting rejected, we have the right to collect the total project amount for which we have completed the work.
All the project functionalities and respective charges will be pre-decided and therefore if a client wants some additional work or functionality then we can charge you extra fees for that.
We always try to complete our projects within the decided timeline but in case of delay or cancellation of the contract because of us or client, we are not responsible for any loss you may suffer due to it. For any reason, if the client delays in providing needed information to complete the project like content, images, etc then this time will be added in the predefined timeline of the project. As it is the client’s fault we can not be held responsible for delaying this project and hence can not be claimed.

We at Dew Technolab takes care of our clients and at the same time, we take upfront payment to confirm the project, so that we can build trust to each other, work faster and save time.

1. For projects worth up to 500 USD, we generally go with 2 milestones: 1) 50% upfront Payment of the project amount 2) 50% of the project amount after projects get completed on our testing server.

2. For projects worth 500 USD to 5000 USD, we generally go with 3 to 5 milestones and take the amount of the first milestone as an upfront payment.

3. For projects worth more than 5000 USD, we take 20% of the project amount as an upfront payment.

4. Code for the project will be handed over to the client after getting paid all the money for the project. We will accept full payment after the project gets completed on our testing server. We release the code to the client after getting paid the full amount.

If the client faces any server issues caused for any reason then we are not responsible for anything and the client can not make any claims upon us. The responsibility of managing his/her domain name is on the client, therefore it is not our liability and we can not be claimed for any damage related to the domain name.

We have the authority to update our company’s terms and conditions anytime we want and it will be posted in this page so we advise you to check this page often to receive updates. If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, then please contact us or email us at dewtechnolab@gmail.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.